Directors Statement


Director’s Statement

My films are about the complicated nature of human relationships in postmodern times. I seek to examine the self and society in an attempt to rethink standard assumptions. 14 Minutes reveals that happiness is personal and often not related to popular notions of happiness. The main character in 14 Minutes, Chloe, is engaged to get married to a successful man and based on stereotypical narratives, should be thrilled. Yet Chloe realizes that in losing her voice and spontaneity in the relationship, she has lost a piece of herself, putting her happiness second to the stability of the relationship.

Women and men often stay in relationships in a comfort zone because it is easier to go along with a semi-fulfilling relationship than break it off to find the ultimate relationship. The film illustrates that learning to see the world through a different lens offers introspection and a chance to redefine ourselves.

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